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Welcome to our web page about RED GULL – Sail Cleaning – Sail Regeneration products, the PRO-2 Laminated sail treatment and our PRO-2 Cover Conditioning

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About the RED GULL – Sail Cleaning – Sail Regeneration

Since 2008 we supply our sail and boat cover treatments all over Europe. With special and very competitive logistic solutions we compete successfully in various European countries. The RED GULL – Sail Cleaning – Sail Regeneration treatments are exclusively produced in our company, located about 35 kms out of Helsinki, Finland.

We are specialized into cleaning & chemical treatments of woven and laminated sails as well as cleaning and reconditioning of boat covers.

From the beginning our focus is on improving the textile qualities of yachting textiles like  sails and boat covers. Our specialty product, is the PRO-2 SAIL REGENERATION treatment for woven Dacron sails.

Our services have been regular subject of testing in international leading yachting press. You can read or download the test artcles for private use from our press and media page

Detailed technical information on all treatments can be obtained from the different pages on this site. Things to consider, before handing your goods into service, are within the product descriptions.

Feel free to take contact for more information and/or offers. Or just study our homepage.

Find out how our logistics into the various countries work. We offer direct sales with collection of your goods from anywhere in Europe. Alternatively we work through a number of specialized and exclusively authorized partners.

Be invited to find out about the RED GULL – Sail Cleaning – Sail Regeneration services.

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