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Sailcare, Sailcleaning and Covercleaning

We are by today probably Europes No. 1 specialist for  sail cleaning, cleaning of sprayhoods and awnings & offer a particular specialty, our  Sail Regeneration treatment for Dacron sails. Our services are today sold into most central European countries.

Through watersport retailers, yacht service companies and sailmakers, aswell as in direct sales, we supply our services into Europe and make sure that sails, sprayhoods & covers will be returned excellently cleaned, waterproof and as new looking, as their actual technical condition allows.

Our services have been regular subject of tests in international yachting magazines, with very positive judgements, read the articles yourself in our Press and media page.

Sail Regeneration a RED GULL specialty
Our invention, the PRO-2 Sail Regeneration, revitalizes old Dacron sails in their former properties by bringing back major parts of their original profiles, by regaining their textile tension thereby making them stiff and cracky once more and by brightening up the evt. faded white colour. Cleaning is an essential first step of the treatment anyway.

Read in our Press and media page articles from international yachting magazines who confirmed above after having tested the treatment. Test were carried out by measuring profiles and registration of all pollutions before and after treatment. This first act was followed up by practical tests, partly over a full season: Biggest magazines like the German Yacht or Dutch Zeilen gave the treatment tremendous positive test reports also in practical use and benefits.

Just send us an Email with your questions or book your order and we will come back to you immediately.

Searching partners for setting up sales to UK & Ireland:
For the UK & Ireland we are currently seeking new business partners to sell our services.
If you are into marine business, nevermind as yacht service company, watersport retailer or sail- and boat cover maker, and have interest in supplying your customers best cleaning services for sails and boat covers, please take contact with us to find out, how this can be realised and handeled: Call Mr. Jean Paul Krijgsman at +31 418 63 53 63 for all necessary details.