Cover cleaning

Cleaning and coating your Spray-hood, Cover, etc.

For the Maintenance of the various types of boat covers, hoods,  etc in a safe manner we us the same Soaking process as we use for the Sails.

Our special process ensures that all objects are completely clean and perfectly watertight after treatment again.


During the cleaning mould and mildew almost always disappear entirely. The so-called weather spots” get back from your cover and hood also. The end result is great!

  • perfect washing results
  • after treatment again 100% waterproof
  • clean longer
  • longer service life
  • windows guaranteed to remain very
  • no mechanical stress washers
  • Manually week process at low temperature up to 30 degrees
  • Good quality / price ratio

kap vies schoon


In the picture above you can see the difference before and after properly. (shown from the inside and the outside at different stages) So we can supply many pictures to show you but you should actually really experience it to believe it.

laminate site

In the picture above is a Spray-hood that is coated again. Good to see the small water balls that are out.