International Press and Media

International press and media

Please find here articles of leading international press and media in sailing sports, that covered our products with tests. You can download the articles for private use.






Yacht Magazine 23/2011 GER Segel Spezial / Eine Frage der Porfiltreue >>
Zeilen 8/2011 NED 4 Back in shape – “Weer in model”
Boote Magazin 03/2011 GER 6 Comparison test in Cover Cleaning with nice outcome for RED GULL
Yacht Magazin 2/2011 GER 5 Bally away washing – “Bauch weg Wäsche” >>
IBN – Bodensee News 2/2011 GER 2 Old sails become almost as new >>
Palstek 01/2011 GER 4 Makes old go new? Englisch translation of test on durability of PRO-2 >> 26/11/10 AUT 1 New life for old sails >>
Vihdin Uutiset-News Paper 28/10/10 FIN 1 Nummela based company conquers the world with a sail treatment
Segler Zeitung 08/2010 GER 2 A small revolution PRO-2 Sail Regeneration >>
Jachtbouw Nederland 06/2010 NED 1 A clean sail will last longer
Palstek 05/2010 GER 1/4 Sail care starts in autumn
Wassersport Wirtschaft 04/2010 GER 1/4 Product introduction to German watersports companies
Venelehti 04/2010 FIN 2 Comparison test RED GULL No. 4 mit Star Brite EZ-ON/EZ-OFF
Segler Zeitung 02/2010 GER 1 Not only clean, but also strong again:With chemicals against lost shapes
Palstek 02/2010 GER 1/3 Introduction of RED GULL activities in Germany
Palstek 01/2010 GER 8 RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration >>
Kippari 11/2009 FIN 3 RED GULL No. 4 Water Line Cleaner & RED GULL No. 3 No Yellow, test >>
Venelehti 10/2009 FIN 1 Sails as new, almost >>
Boote Magazin 05/2009 GER 2 Putzkolonne >>
Venemestari 04/2009 FIN 4 Boat covers: Clean & proof, please! >>
Waterkampioen 09/2008 NED 3 Professional cleaning and high-gloss polishing with RED GULL products
Palstek xx/2007 GER 1 Cover page: RED GULL No1. Sail & Cover Cleaner
Palstek xx/2007 GER 1/4 Announcement of newly founded RED GULL company in Munich

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