Prices cleaning sails


Prices season 2016 – 17

All prices are without transport costs and include national VAT, except pointed out differently. For countries outside EU please inquire seperately, due to custom matters.

1.) Prices PRO2 SAIL REGENERATION (Chemical refit for Dacron sails)

The treatment includes cleaning, mildew treatment (if required) & coating
Profile regeneration, textile tension improvement, new stiffness & profile fixation

Sails < 12m² ( minimum is 12m²) € 210,00
Sails > 12m² ( a m²) €/m² 17.50

2.) Prices PRO-2 Laminate Reconditioning (Reprotection of Laminated sails)
(for laminates & membrane sails with textile taffetta)
The treatment includes: cleaning, mildew Removal (if required) & Coating

Sails < 12m² ( minimum is 12m²) € 210,00
Sails > 12m² ( a m²) €/m² 17,50


3.) Prices Sail Cleaning, basic

Treatment consists of normal oxidational cleaning only

Sails < 12m² ( minimum is 12m²) € 120.00
Sails > 12m² ( a m²) €/m² 10,00



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