Laminate reconditioning

An example to show the impacts on an 8 year old set of Spectra Sails

We would like to show you the impact of the RED GULL Laminate-Reconditioning treatment on a 8 years old set of X-50 Spectra Laminate sails. Four years ago the sails have been treated acc. the RED GULL Laminate Reconditioning process a first time. Now on 26.09.2013 they came back into service for a new treatment.

The sails were 4 years old at the date of first treatment. Normally polluted, but with first mold infections in some stitchings and pannel edges and within the UV-protection. At that time we were still able to remove the molds. However without knowledge if they had built out a mycele, the “roots” of a mold funghi, that could grow further into the sails surface.

Now after 4 more years and 8000 nm more through the Baltic sea and along the Norwegian coast line, we received only slightly polluted sails with our protection finish working for 100 %, the sails are free of inner molds and in this case even no molds on the outside! This means, that an evt. built mycelium, the mold root system, was succefully cut of from nutricion and does/did not developp. This is great success in mold combat for our company and our sailcloth finish technology!

Below see some pictures of the sails now in 2013, before treatment and a litte further down after the new 2013 treatment. They look like new, a third time in 8 years of life! Not bad for a Laminate, this requires a good base: It’s simply top sails from North-Sails!

The owner Ilkka Rantasalo, kindly proposed to share his experiences with interested sailors. If interested, give us a call and we will link you to him.

Below 3 photos how the sail arrived: Pretty good, little dirty and no mold, due to coating.

RED GULL Reconditioned x-50 Spectra Laminates, after 4 years of cruising

X-50-Spectra-stitchings after 8000 nm: proof, clean & free of mold

RED GULL Reconditioning X-50 Spectra Sails after 4 years of use

Below 4 photos after cleaning:  Sails look like new again for the 3rd time: 1st time when new,
2nd time when treated 4 years ago and now again in 2013. Take a look yourself.

X-50-Spectra-Sails after cleaning

x-50 Spectra Laminates after Cleaning

X-50-Top area of Genoa: perfect

x-50-Leach area UV-Protection: Perfect also!