Laminate sailcleaning


There is a wide range of laminate sails, from various sailmakers, made with sailcloth from only very few sailcloth producers. All these laminates have one thing in common, by their laminate construction, they are sensible to humidity and subjected to the risk of getting mold to the inside of the laminate construction. From there mold cannot be removed!

Normal appearing pollutions are generally as well removable from a laminate as from a Dacron sail, but in matters of mildew, a laminate differs from a single layer cloth, like Dacron. On laminate sails you need to make a difference between mold inside the laminate construction, inbetween the different layers of a laminate and mold on the outside of the sailcloth: Out side mold is generally removable, inside molds are irremovable!

Multiple layer laminated sailcloth is sensible to humidity and mold

Established mold in stitchings and pannel adges

Most of the laminate sail owners in Finland, are not aware of this risk. Unfortunately, we get most of the laminates for cleaning only, when the mold has grown to the inside. If these circumstances would be common knowledge and laminates would be cleaned at early stages of pollution, we could remove molds from the exterior and protect the sail before the mold could spread out inside the sail.

What difference would it make, treating a laminate in early moments of pollution?

Laminate with mold inside the Laminate construction

The sail would stay propper & white till it’s death by technical insufficiencies, instead of becoming waste by cosmetic reasons in early days. It would save lots of money!

What can you do to protect your laminate sail?

The cheapest way of protecting a laminate is done in the begining when it’s new. Than just a RED GULL coating for new sails needs to be installed (8,50 €/m²). This will proof the pannel edges, hydrophobate the stichings and the cloths surface. Our todays experience, shows, that these coatings can stay functional for up to 4 years time and many thousands naut. miles of sailing – there is no longer experience yet.

RED GULL Laminate-proofing

In case your sail is already in use, it is important to find out if any molds could already get to the inside and become visible. Should the exterior still be clean and there should be no mold spots inside the laminate, the second cheapest treatment could be carried out. Rinsing the sail, dry it and then apply the coating (15 €/m²)

In case the mould is spread out, on the outside and the sail took other pollutions, than a full Laminate Reconditioning treatment is available for 17,50 €/m².


Clean a laminate sail early enough. Check it on mildew appearing. Take immediate action to avoid mildew to enter the inside of the laminate. Ask us for advise – our company’s job is keeping sails propper – we have quite a bit of experience in this!

Offered treatments for Laminate- & Membrane Sails:

RED GULL NEW SAILS PROTECTION: 8,50 €/m² – for new sails only
RED GULL Laminate Preservation: 15,00 €/m² – for used new sails without pollutions
RED GULL Laminate Reconditioning: 17,50 €/m² – for used sails with pollutions